Space to learn, grow and flourish

Our plan to deliver for Catholic schools, students, families and teachers

Catholic schools are an essential part of Victoria and the education system.

To keep pace with demand, we must grow and future-proof our schools.

Our plan

Our plan for greater funding and investment will provide:

Peace of mind Support for teachers Equal opportunities for all students

Our families are hardworking, striving to provide the best education they can for their children.

Our plan is to support parents at a time when cost of living is on the rise, to alleviate pressure and to support households across our communities.

Increased funding would give our teachers a broader range of tools they can use to effectively implement the Victorian school curriculum, creating a more manageable work environment for them to operate within.

It would allow us to employ more staff in our schools, meaning less crowded classrooms.

Demand for Catholic education will continue to increase over the next five years, with many more places needed by 2025.

Better classrooms, and access to programs and sporting facilities will ensure school infrastructure is appropriate for contemporary education for many years to come.


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School name Total FTE enrolments Feb 2022 Number of families Total current staff as at 26 April 2022
Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School 331 249 43
What is the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria?
The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) is the governing body for Catholic education in this state. It is our role to promote and advocate for Catholic education to the Victorian Government and Australian Government, and ensure that we receive adequate funding to continue providing high-quality learning outcomes.

We proudly represent more than 500 schools and kindergartens, and more than 32,000 teachers and support staff who provide high-quality education to more than 211,000 students across the state.

Why is this education and awareness campaign necessary?
In the lead-up to the Victorian state election in November, the CECV will be seeking several commitments from both sides of politics to support Catholic education in Victoria. These commitments will help support our plan to grow our schools, assist our teachers and give our students the high-quality education they deserve.

Catholic students represent one in five Victorian school students and are an essential part of the Education State. Victorian government funding should reflect this. Keeping Catholic children in Catholic schools helps the whole Victorian education system.

Why do Catholic schools need additional funding?
We estimate that demand for Catholic education is set to grow over the next five years, with many more places needed by 2025. While Catholic families already provide 70–75 cents of every dollar invested on capital projects in Catholic schools, we cannot expect them to be able to afford to pay more – especially at a time when cost of living pressures are weighing heavily on all families.
What will this additional funding be used for?

Additional funding will allow us to meet school land and infrastructure needs of communities in Melbourne’s booming outer-metropolitan and growing rural and regional areas. It will also ensure that infrastructure in existing Catholic schools is fit for purpose, suited to the evolving curriculum and a contemporary education.

The funding will bring our kindergartens into line with other government-funded kindergartens and ensure that the Smile Squad dental program is expanded to Catholic schools. This will provide preventative health care for families who may not otherwise be able to afford or easily access it.

Extending teacher recruitment incentive programs to include Catholic schools would help more teachers find work and ensure our Catholic schools are adequately staffed. This allows teachers to increase the focus and care given to each individual child.

What is the Smile Squad dental program?

The Victorian Government’s Smile Squad dental program provides completely free dental check-ups for all students in government schools. If your child needs more treatment, like a filling, this is also free. Currently, the program is not available in Catholic schools. We believe all students deserve to benefit from preventative dental care, ensuring significant problems do not present themselves down the line.

The CECV acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the many lands that encompass our respective dioceses – Ballarat, Sale, Sandhurst and the Archdiocese of Melbourne. We pay respects to their ancestors and Elders past and present, and commit to creating culturally safe schools, walking together towards justice and reconciliation.